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100% Valvert rPET Bottle In Belgium Extends Nestlé’s Use of Recycled Plastic

Nestlé Waters’ natural mineral water brand, Valvert in Belgium, has introduced a new bottle from 100% recycled PET, It’s the company’s first 100% rPET bottle in Europe. The brand launched a 100% 150cl rPET bottle and a 50% 50cl rPET bottle, with the aim of making the smaller bottle entirely from rPET by the end of the year. In 2018, Nestlé Pure Life launched 100% rPET bottles in North America, and the US spring water brand Poland Spring says it will convert its packaging to recycled plastic by 2021.

"Valvert launches water bottle made of 100% recycled plastic, a first for Nestlé in Europe", Nestlé, July 10, 2019

McDonald’s UK & Ireland Makes Further Plastic Use Reductions

The McFlurry’s ice cream range at McDonald’s in the UK and Ireland will be sold without the single-use plastic lids from September this year. McDonald’s will also use 100% renewable and recyclable cardboard packaging for all main meals and side salads, replacing the plastic containers. The cardboard will contain 50% recycled content. The company says that the changes will reduce plastic waste by nearly 500 million tonnes a year. Its global commitment is to use only renewable or recycled packaging by 2025 and it has started replacing plastic straws with paper straws. 

"McFlurry gets a makeover in McDonald’s UK latest sustainability drive", McDonald’s UK , June 21, 2019

Aldi UK Replaces Plastic Checkout Bags With Paper Or Compostable Options

Aldi in the UK will from July this year replace plastic bags in half of its stores with paper bags, and biodegradable bags at the other half. After the trial, Aldo will choose the most popular. The Bioplast 100% compostable bags will cost 6p. Aldo is charging 19p for the paper bags. 

"Aldi announces plans to reduce traditional plastic bags with paper and compostable versions", Independent UK, June 10, 2019

Coca-Cola In Belgium Asks Consumers Not To Buy Its Products Unless It Plans To Recycle Them

Coca-Cola in Belgium is trying an ambitious approach to raising awareness of the need to recycle plastic, with a summer campaign that asks consumers not to buy Coke products if they aren’t willing to help the company recycle. Some 85% of Coca-Cola packaging in the country is currently recycled, but the company says this rate is not high enough. The campaign is also being adopted in the Netherlands, on TV ads as well as activations in towns and at festivals. Although the campaign ends in September, it will be incorporated in other advertising.

"‘Don’t buy Coca-Cola if you’re not going to help us recycle!’ Coca-Cola launches recycling campaign", Beverage Daily, June 10, 2019

Hormel Launches National Ad Campaign To Inspire People To “Choose Good”

Austin, Minn.-based Hormel, maker of Natural Choice deli meats, has launched the “Good Feeds Us All” national advertising campaign to “inspire people to choose good whether it's in the food they eat or the actions they take.” The brand will incorporate a Good Feeds Us All national tour to spotlight individuals and organizations who have made it their mission to choose good. However, whether Natural Choice meats are really natural or good has spawned litigation. The D.C. Superior Court on April 8 dismissed a lawsuit by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) alleging Hormel was misleading consumers. But in statements disclosed in the court filing, a Hormel executive said the same antibiotics-treated pigs used to make its Spam meat product are also used in Natural Choice pork products. An ALDF attorney said Hormel was engaged in “a massive attempt to manipulate and dupe the consumer to purchase something they have no intention to purchase.”

"The Makers of Hormel Natural Choice Deli Meats Announce New National Ad Campaign Inspiring Others to Choose Good", PR Newswire , April 19, 2019

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