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Courts Continue To Refine Laws Dealing With GMO Ingredients, Animal Feed

March 2, 2018: 12:00 AM EST
Courts in New York (federal) and Massachusetts (state) have ruled that foods made from genetically modified ingredients or fed to animals that provide “end product” foods do not violate federal “all natural” food labeling policies. In a case against Dannon, the court dismissed a complaint that the company’s yogurt labels claiming to be “all natural” were deceptive because federal law does not require that foods from animals fed with GMO feeds be labeled “GMO.” In the Massachusetts case against ConAgra, the court dismissed the case because the plaintiff failed to allege that Wesson oil contains added color, synthetic substances or flavors, or contains anything that would not normally be expected to be in vegetable oil, whether or not the oil was extracted from corn, soybean, or rapeseed grown from genetically modified stock. [Image Credit: © ConAgra]
Nathan A. Adams IV, "United States: Claims That "All Natural" Label Was Misleading Due To GMOs Dismissed", Mondaq, March 02, 2018, © Mondaq® Ltd
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